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Instagram is a social network that allows its users to follow every step of another person's life. Using this program you can follow another user's stories, highlights, reels, and posts. To use Instagram, it is necessary to download the application or access its website. Nowadays, the majority of youth use this social network to stay in touch with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Through Instagram you can watch videos and photos of other people and other profiles. However, if you use Instagram yourself, you probably already know that most of your actions on the app are documented. If you watch a story, like a photo, follow someone, etc., the account holder sees it all. This documentation of your every action can be unwanted. Those who use Instagram also know that the app allows you to block other users, hide stories from certain people, and create private stories. So if you've ever wanted to view Instagram stories, highlights, posts, and reels anonymously (or if you've been blocked from certain content) you're in the right place! Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer a direct way to do this. There are some tricks and sites you can use, though. This article explains how to access Instagram accounts and, at the same time, maintain anonymity.

Why couldn't users watch and download Instagram stories anonymously?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer a direct way to watch and download another user's stories anonymously. The privacy policy prohibits this.  To view another person's profile, you have to create a profile yourself. So if you want to view an account directly through Instagram, you will have to use your personal account or create a "fake" account. In this article you will learn various ways in which to view a profile directly from your account or from other sites found on the internet.

What is an anonymous Instagram story viewer?

An anonymous Instagram viewer is a site or application that allows you to view Instagram users incognito. These sites are not owned by Instagram and, for the most part, are accessible without registration or login. is a site created particularly for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. You can use it either with your phone or through your PC. Simply enter the website address into your browser, type the name of the Instagram user in the bar that appears, and click on the profile you want to have access to. You will then see all the stories, posts, profile followers, and more.

The service is working Instagram Story Viewer that allows you to watch incognito stories of Instagram users online without registration and loging into your account - from your mobile phone and computer.

Features of the

  1. Enter the website address into your browser and click the submit button.

  2. Type the name of the Instagram user in the bar that appears.

  3. Click on the profile you want to access.

  4. Click on what you want to view (stories, highlights, photos, or IGTV).


Can people look at Instagram anonymously?

Instagram does not offer a direct way to visit an Instagram profile anonymously. Try creating a "fake" profile or use one of the sites mentioned above (,,,, or

Can I download Instagram highlights, reels, posts, and stories anonymously?

Some sites (described above) give you the ability to download an account's desired content. Examples include and

Can I see the Instagram account from which I have been blocked?

If you have been blocked, you cannot view an Instagram account directly from your account. In this case, to gain access to such an account you have two options: create a fake account or use one of the sites for anonymous Instagram viewing. Remember that some sites do not offer access in case the person's profile is private.

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