For the young boy I used to be, it’s hard to imagine

For the young boy I used to be, it’s hard to imagine that I am where I am, but alas, here I am all the same. I had the honor this last month to put @poloralphlauren’s latest release to the test. The Elk Ridge is a polo celebrating the 50 year anniversary of Polo, with her elements being attributed to the heritage of the brand inspired and built ready for the outdoors.
Forth and I got to take it up to Northern Washington, jump in Pacific Ocean runoff, light fires and climb some rocks all while sporting the beauty. Needless to say, it lived up to it’s name.
To work with brands like this is rare and a blessing, since 1924’s start I’ve been increasingly particular with who we’ve agreed to work with. One thing I’ve always aimed to do is to take this brand and share it’s opportunities with people. So I’d like to thank @_kamstra and @demurela (who took this photo) for their dedication to 1924. They’re young and we’re all learning, and to do it alongside the likes of @poloralphlauren is a blessing to say the least. So thanks to everyone involved who made this happen.
Swing over to their site to snag one seriously, it’s a beautiful piece.
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