Good morning! Or maybe it’s early afternoon, or the middle of the

Good morning! Or maybe it’s early afternoon, or the middle of the night for some of ya! Either way, we’re off to a good start this morning! Our interview with @augustapp just launched! If you’re interested in a bit of a deeper read behind 1924, click the link in our profile! I felt this was a fitting drawing because I talk a bit about how we always get so fussy with where we come from, and where we’re going. 90% of my day is spent either worrying about tomorrow or wondering if I did good enough the day before. That other 10% is me eating food, not really but I am in bliss in those moments where I’m content with being still. So I thought of the little climber who came from nothing to a humble little home, the success of difficulties is often not portrayed in our day to day. Mistakes looked down on as atrocities, and success as a reflection of an “easy life” “silver platter trust fund” or “luck”. It’s quite strange to find ourselves trapped between shitty and good enough. But it’s the moment of process, the striving to be, that makes this world so beautiful. I genuinely believe if we worried less about how we got here, less about where we go, then we would spend more time continuing. And that’s why we believe that no matter the circumstance, we should always… Venture Onward! #home #1924us #ventureonward #type #design #cabin #pencil #trees #mountains #climbing #christianwatson #branding #minimal #penciltopdrawings #birds #forest #campvibes
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