How do you love, California? Mark (over at @createthelove) and I are

How do you love, California? Mark (over at @createthelove) and I are coming for you to jam about love and relationships. See info for events/tickets below.
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You could give 100% of your love to someone 100% of the time, and it still not resonate with them. Seems odd, right? Why can’t someone feel it, recognize it, especially when you’re doing everything you possibly can to make them feel loved? What about you? Ever find yourself questioning if your partner loves you…ever hear them say “but I do!! I show you all the time!” ….and there you sit, like…really?! I don’t see it. I don’t feel it.
It’s because we speak different love languages. Dr. Gary Chapman’s research identifies 5 of them: gift giving, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. The ways in which we feel most loved are also usually the way we demonstrate it the most. That means, if we feel loved the most by spending quality time with someone, we’re going to show our love to someone else by…you guessed it…spending quality time with them. Sounds great, right? Except if that’s not the way they receive love, it really doesn’t matter much. Because if they feel most loved by words of affirmation and you never praise them, pay them compliments, etc….it doesn’t matter how much quality time you spend with will always fall flat.
We have to learn not only about love and what makes for great and successful relationships, but we have to learn how to specifically give and receive love to and from our partners. It’s not exactly a one model fits all kind of deal, but there’s certainly plenty of research that will help you find the best ways to love and be loved.
So September is the month that Mark and I are bringing the relationships 101 event to San Fran (September 17), LA (September 20th), and San Diego (September 23). Tickets go on SALE right now. There are 30 early bird tickets for each venue (75 tickets total) and once that first tier sells, the price goes up. Share it- spread it – buy them now! We can’t wait to see you and meet you all there. Tickets on eventbrite. Link in bio. #mindfulmft

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