Images by @joelsartore | This #pollinatormonday gives us a peek at the

Images by @joelsartore | This #pollinatormonday gives us a peek at the metamorphosis of the Karner blue butterfly (swipe to see). Because the Karner blue depends on one tiny flower called the wild lupine, their numbers have decreased drastically in the wild. Two generations of these butterflies are born per year in accordance with the blooming of the wild lupine flower, and once hatched, the caterpillars only feed and lay their eggs on the leaves of this special plant. But as the lupine flower decreased as a result of heavy herbicides, fires, and urban development, the Karner blue decreased as well. But conservationists are working to help the species survive. Though still seriously threatened, the karner blue butterfly is slowing making a comeback due to the extraordinary efforts of habitat restoration, rehabilitation, and release programs. @thetoledozoo, where this butterfly was photographed, has pioneered propagation techniques for the Karner blue butterfly beginning in 1998 and the species is now on track to be delisted.
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