In honor of all the hate we’ve been receiving as of late

In honor of all the hate we’ve been receiving as of late (and love too, we see you friends) we’ve decided to make some Members Only Jackets (there’s actually only one but bear with us, just trying to make a point). In order to be eligible to join you must meet the following criteria. 1. Be kind. 2. Try really, really hard at everything you do, trying hard is a sign of… Idk but people don’t like it. 3. Ya gotta pose. Like pretend you’re something you’re not. For example: if you are not canoeing 24/7 you’re not a canoeist. Don’t even try to fool anyone. You’re not allowed to do anything unless it’s 1,000% of your life. 4. Ya gotta like have an opinion and not be afraid to say it. Because the minute you keep to yourself, shut up, and do as your told – you’re cool and accepted. But speak out against the norm and you’re in the club. 5. You also have to be comfortable being called things like “bullshit”, “hipster”, “too much”, “faker” etc. 6. Ultimately, to get in you just have to be an individual person, with unique traits that define who you are and what ya do on a daily basis. It’s ok for that to change but understand that people will hate you for it. Scared people hate. If you wanna be in the club, sign up! ?? just raise your hand to be considered! #home #studio #coffee #poser #tryhard #hahahahaha #1924us #ventureonward #1924KINDART #jackets #type #signage #painting #typography #design #posertryhardclub #crew #go #explore #somepeople
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