It’s so easy to let other people control our happiness. “I’ll be

It’s so easy to let other people control our happiness. “I’ll be so happy if he texts me back.” “I’ll be so happy if I get this job.” “I’ll be happy once I make [X] amount of dollars.” “I’ll be happy once I get married.” On and on and on it goes. The “I’ll be happy once….” line leaves so much in the hands of others and ALWAYS makes right now not enough.
Joy has got to be an inside job. We are responsible for ourselves. Giving anyone else that much control makes it easy for us to sway in whatever direction they sway. If those things (the above) don’t happen…then what? We’re unhappy? We’re miserable? We tell ourselves we’re not worthy? We tell ourselves we’re not lovable? We give so much power and control to so many people and things that do not have our best interest in mind.
Take back ownership. Reclaim it. Your worth is not predicated on a particular outcome. That’s the quickest way to misery. Stop defining your worth based on the outcomes that other people control. You may desire a certain outcome (want the job…want to go on another date with them) just don’t let your worth go with it. Do not be defined by outcomes. Cultivate your joy and gently guide yourself back to it always. #mindfulmft

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