LITERALLY a couple weeks ago before we went on vacation I told

LITERALLY a couple weeks ago before we went on vacation I told @samlivits that I hate rings, don’t get me a ring, and that our love does not need to be shown off by an overvalued rock. I said take the money and let’s start another venture instead! Hahaha. Omg he must have been DYING inside because Sam and lil sis @jackelynho have been working so hard CUSTOM DESIGNING this ring just for me – in secret! I remember a few months ago Jackelyn asked me if I HAD TO pick a ring what it would look like. I was like…ok fine, well if you force me then something that doesn’t look like a traditional wedding ring! I want it to look like a rose on a vine! She was like…what!?!? Well baby sis and fiancé, you guys knew me better than I knew myself because I DIDN’T KNOW that I could love a ring THIS MUCH. It is so beautiful and the fact that you guys designed it for me makes it even more special. What’s a Blogilates ring if it ain’t got some pink stones and a rose gold band!?!? You guys crushed it on the design!!! Oh and by the way, for those of you wondering…how does being a fiancé feel different from being a girlfriend? Surprisingly it feels REALLY different! I feel like I’ve unlocked a new level of adulthood and am experiencing a heightened kind of love. Its so weird and magical! ✨ Eeeeeeeeee!!! #blogilates

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