Photo @ladzinski / A little bit of luck and a little bit

Photo @ladzinski / A little bit of luck and a little bit of recklessness can bring together a nice photo. While driving through blizzard conditions in southern Iceland, with clenched knuckles gripping the wheel, I faintly made out this heard of horses far away in a field. I pulled the car over, not even considering the possibility that I might now be stuck in the snow, grabbed my camera and headed out into the cold without a jacket, running towards the horses. Surprisingly the herd turned toward me and slowly trotted over. Firing off as many photos as I could it wasn’t long until they had completely surrounded me, giving me a nice break from the wind and sniffing me investigatorial. They quickly lost interest and cantered away back into the white-out, leaving me with a smile and a handful of photos to remember them. Thanks Iceland.

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