Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety Mountain hare on heather moorland – During my recent

Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety
Mountain hare on heather moorland – During my recent month long trip to Scotland there was an astonishing and worrying lack of snow coverage up in the Cairngorm mountains. This obviously has the potential to create a whole host of problems for the resident mountain hares, not least because their white pelage at this time of year has evolved specifically to act as camouflage against the predatory eyes of golden eagles. In the absence of snow in which to hide it will be these hares, the dramatically white ones, that will likely become the most vulnerable, such is the now conspicuous nature of their winter coats. On days such as these I specifically sought to work with these individuals, should they be confiding enough, as this climate related hardship is likely to become an important part of their ongoing story, as is the apparently pathological sickness in the minds of those that still take pleasure in their pointless slaughter. In photographic terms the overcast light, consistent and dull allowed me to shoot primarily on manual exposure. This was particularly useful in a situation such as this where, if all of a sudden the hare sat bolt upright then my frame would suddenly become filled with a bright white hare. My required exposure of course would be exactly as the consistent light would not have changed but had I left the camera on aperture priority then the image would suddenly start to become under-exposed. This is because the whiteness of the hare would fool the cameras light meter, making the camera think that the hare was brighter than it was. As such the camera would then decide to use a very fast shutter speed, too fast in fact, and hence create an under-exposed image. And that’s your photographic lesson for the day so for more photo tips then please do #followme at

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