The constant battle is between being so self-centered that you focus too

The constant battle is between being so self-centered that you focus too much on your own issues and forget how brief life can be.

We obsess over our opinions and lifestyles and share them in such an expansive way now that they end up defining us. I remember being told that our generation is too scared to let others change from who they are – or to be who they are.
We put so much weight on the both of those options, and end up crushing the structures that hold us all up differently.
And we all have seen the perils of life to some extent, we’ve heard stories, have our own, etcetera. And we really just strive for happiness for the brief time we exist at all.
For all my travels, all my comfort in uncomfortable situations, I am mortified of very simple situations and I’m trying to change that. You see, my life has been defined by things that have happened to me, owned by it really. It has made me realize how afraid we all are to have our foundations questioned, when all we know is threatened by change or co clint of interest we emotionally panic, breakdown and lose sight of ourselves. And instead of working together we soak up the negative and push as hard as we can against the opposite side we’re so unfamiliar with.
I have always believed people are inherently good, and just need the chance given to them that can be loved and heard aside from their beliefs but for who they are. It’s the most challenging thing to stick around something you don’t believe in, but it rewards you with wisdom:
That this life is quick and beautiful and full of people who aren’t you or your past and don’t try to peg them into that category. Your life is not the one that defines humanity, and you have all the time in your life to change anyway you feel best.
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