Today is the last day of the 30daythighslimmingchallenge! Whether you did the

Today is the last day of the #30daythighslimmingchallenge! Whether you did the challenge all month or not, doesn’t matter! Let’s all do this right now! 1. Plie squats x 22 2. Leg swings x 22 3. Side lunges x 22 4. Side leg lifts x 22 ea side 5. Inner thigh pulse x 22 ea side Celebratory dance when you’re done! Tag a workout buddy to do this with you! Are you ready for next month!? We’re doing 30 days to sleek arms!!! Song is “Bills” by Lunchmoney Lewis. #POPpilates #blogilates #trainlikeabeastlooklikeabeauty
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