Video by @melissalesh and @tbfrost | Very excited that in the coming

Video by @melissalesh and @tbfrost |
Very excited that in the coming days National Geographic will be publishing online my photographs of the complex relationship between saltwater crocodiles and people that was shot over nearly 4 years, starting in 2013. It was a hard story to tell because of some of what I saw and it will undoubtedly make some angry and sad because there are hunting photos and hunting is controversial. But I implore you to consider how the hunting is done and how it is involved in the successful conservation of crocodiles in Australia . I have plans to go back and keep documenting how the lives of crocs and people intertwine in Australia but for now enjoy the upcoming article and keep your eyes out for brand new video of wild crocodiles on the nat geo instagram stories. I can’t tell you exactly why I love crocodiles because there are too many reasons. For example, look how this crocodile, aptly Named jaws, disappears under the surface , scarcely creating a ripple. Is there are animal out there that is seemingly as choreographed as a crocodile? I’m not sure there is. Please head over to @tbfrost to see more videos and photos that didn’t make the cut where I’ll also be sharing stories about why i decided to do this story and what it took to make this happen. #followme @tbfrost

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