Video by @renan_ozturk @sanctityofspace // The Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier

Video by @renan_ozturk @sanctityofspace // The Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier, the deepest gorge in North America. “This gorge, if devoid of ice, would be almost exactly 9,000 feet deep, one of the greatest defiles in the world,” said the late Bradford Washburn, a mountaineer, cartographer, director of the Museum of Science in Boston and frequent @natgeo contributor. By comparison, the Grand Canyon is 5,300 feet deep. Beyond the numbers, to me, the ‘westside lineup’ of the mountains pictured here is one of the most stunning views on earth! ~

@talkeentaairtaxi pilot Paul Roderick shot by @camp4collectibe Cineflex operator @ansonfogel @timkemple upcoming Brad Washburn documentary @sanctityofspace

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