We’re often at odds with ourselves. Maybe it’s a decision we made

We’re often at odds with ourselves. Maybe it’s a decision we made, a way we treated someone, or something we said that’s left us feeling ashamed, embarrassed or disappointed in ourselves. In this space we have a choice. We can choice to be self critical and go down a path of “how could you do this?! What’s the matter with you? You’re such an idiot. You’re an awful person…a fraud.” Or, we can choose self love and self care. We can choose to connect to the human part of us. The part that makes mistakes. We can choose to go down this path and try to compassionately understand why a part of us chose to act in a way that wasn’t so great. Maybe it was protecting something for us? Defending a part of ourselves that was tired of being criticized and so it lashed out. Maybe the part was trying to protect from being abandoned and so you chose to poke and prod and provoke the person so they wouldn’t leave.
Our parts are just parts. They’re never ALL of us…and if we can be kind to ourselves we can often see that our parts are trying to protect us in some way, even when they act out in a way that leaves us heavy with shame, guilt, or embarrassment.
Be gentle with yourself. Find compassion for your parts. Love yourself instead of criticizing yourself…and learn new ways to gently guide yourself back to your truth. “I did this [ ] because I was hurt/afraid/triggered. I am human and I see why that part acted in that way. AND…I can be better. I can catch myself sooner and less with clarity and vulnerability.” #mindfulmft

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